About Me

I am a speech/language pathologist by training and use art and craft to create balance in my life.  I am concerned with using environmentally responsible methods and products.  I challenge myself to waste as little as possible.  I am a mother of two young adults, wife of one fine man and lover of yoga, biking, hiking, travel, cooking and creative cocktail making!  

My Background

I am a long time dabbler, self-taught hobbyist in art and craft work of all kinds. I am always interested in learning something new and have explored various medium including printmaking, paper marbling, paper quilling, photography, paste paper making, painting, drawing metal work and more!I love to take a creative process and adapt with my own twist as in my painted glass jewelry, marbled paper products and most recently, my enamel earrings.

I attend workshops whenever I can and am currently enrolled in an academic color theory class that I know will spill over to all of the art forms I am working with. I also enjoy art classes and workshops and have explored various mediums including printmaking, paper marbling, paper quilling, photography, paste paper making, painting, drawing, and metal work which inspire my work.

You’ll have to check in frequently, because I promise you, there will always be something new!

Current Projects

I am currently using the following mediums in my jewelry and craft making:

Enamel Earrings

Enameling is the process of fusing glass to a surface such as fine silver or copper.  This can be done in a kiln or with a torch and requires the substrate to be heated to about 1500˚.  I (and by I, I mean my husband, Greg) am working on restoring an old kiln that was gifted to me so am currently working with a torch.  I love to experiment with various methods and materials to make designs in enamel.  Think rubber stamps, stencils, metal stamping and milfiore, which are little glass rods cut in slices that produce a little flower or firework design when melted.  What I love most is that the possibilities are endless and there is no chance to become bored with enameling.

Painted Glass Jewelry

PendantMy painted glass jewelry began with a fascination in paint pouring.  I began pouring paint on canvas.  Unenthusiastic with the canvas result, I started experimenting with pouring on various surfaces and transferring images onto the poured paint canvas.  Curiosity kept me experimenting until I began applying this process to glass for jewelry making.  Whereas I started using dried “paint skins,”  acrylic sheets of paints, and gluing the glass on, more recently, I dip the glass right in the wet paint.  When dry, the glass is set in various trays to produce colorful, unique and one of a kind jewelry.  I am mindful about waste and also use leftover dried paint in greeting cards.  I try to use every scrap of everything!


Paper marbling is an ancient art of various forms from across the world.  The oldest being suminagashi from Japan.  True to my creative curiosity, I have marbled on many substrates including paper, fabric, wood, leather, terra cotta, and cork.  I have transferred marble designs to journals and yoga mats, but mostly, I turn my marbled paper into hand made, one of a kind greeting cards.  I also use marbled paper to make glass jewelry that is similar, but has a unique look, when compared to the painted glass jewelry.